Power production and distribution

The main challenge is efficient and cost effective management of assets.

TotalObserver is an integrated software solution designed to assist in managing properties, office space, equipment, assets, vehicles, etc. With characteristics such as modularity, security and robustness it presents a user friendly tool to enable the processes of assets management, resources management and maintenance management. The aim is to establish quality processes and generate cost savings.


Recording of owned and maintained assets, properties that are generating costs is the first step in establishing an effective maintenance management. TotalObserver allows you to manage all the assets within power production and distribution system and other facilities:

  • Power facilities (substation, switch gears, lines, transformers and other equipment).
  • Buildings and other infrastructure.
  • Vehicles.
  • Spare parts, etc.
  • others.

The software allows users to be connected with the property, for the purpose of monitoring of the usage during the exploatation period.


Planning is the initial activity in the maintenance process. TotalObserver allows the creation of complex, hierarchical maintenance plans, by organizational units, with the possibility of aggregating plans of the lower units, and create an integrated plan regular maintenance for the whole company.

Implementation of maintenance

From the organization of the maintenance process, the initial planning stages, through the definition of resources (materials, vehicles, people, tools, etc.)., through scheduling and control, TotalObserver provides the means for the real-time monitoring of the complete maintenance process. The central document is the work order.

TotalObserver enables users to create annual strategic plans and their development through detailed, job plans. Items of job plans are derived from the items of annual plans. Work orders are reffered to the items of job plans. In this way it allows user to track the whole process of plan implementation and use of resource in real time.


Work order logically connects assets and maintenance, enabling the establishment of analytics that provides a detailed analysis of realized work and the costs.

Using the review of specific work orders as well as the summary reports, it is possible to monitor the implementation of the maintenance in real-time. Work order, among other things, can be used for: monitoring the use of resources by asset and by service provider; an analysis of used materials and parts during maintenance; an analysis of failures for the specific type of equipment, and so on.

The analysis of costs incurred as a result of maintenance activities can be analyzed through the TotalObserver cross-context summaries. Using the costs taken from the accounting, combined with the use of human labor, material and other resources, as well as costs related to the engagement of external contractors, the user can get a complete picture of spending and leads to the identification of where savings can be generated.

Analytics of spending through the use TotalObserver extends to a clear identification of the asset for which the related cost is generated (eg power stations, vehicles, etc..), type of activity (regular maintenance, investments in assets, etc.)., organization unit that provided the services, and many others.