Shopping Mall and Retail

Managing shopping malls or chain stores, both in financial as well as technical aspect, represents a set of complex tasks involving a large number of people.

To meet seemingly a contradictory set of requirements, maintaining a high quality service at a low cost, the management of office and public buildings becomes more challenging. The worldwide practice shows that the help of a specialized software in this area is irreplaceable, because it allows, among other things, the following:

  • The establishment of a clear and transparent management process.
  • The realization of work with fewer people - automation of activities, reducing the number of errors.
  • Predictable cost management: budgeting and planning of spendings in time.
  • Controlled outsourcing of certain types of work, which results in savings.
  • Users of the space get a clear analysis of what they receive for the rent and maintenance they pay - open books.
  • Raises the overall quality of the building, with less strain on the whole team.
The maintenance should be seamless, finances automated.

The maintenance should be seamless, finances automated.