Key benefits of TotalObserver

The advantages that bring TotalObserver will make your business more efficient, and more profitable.

In the past 8 years TotalObserver was developed according to the requirements of the market, but most of all to the requirements of our customers. After all these years we can tell that this solution, in each of the industries in which we perform, offers tools to ease and automate labour, make business cheaper and to increase profits as a result.

Information from TotalObserver is essential for management in the process of decision-making. The value of this information increases with time, and their analysis can be crucial for getting new clients, regardless of whether they are dealing with renting or they are in maintenance business.

Although it incorporates a number of functions and business processes, TotalObserver is a not complex software from the user's point of view. Often the one-day training is enough for employees to become completely independent in their work with this software.

Business model

Own it or rent it, it is up to you!

Technical support

Software without support is worthless.

TotalObserver as a service

Use software as a service (SaaS) and take all the advantages of leasing the infrastructure.


Time spent in working with users of TotalObserver is the guarantee that the software integration will be successful.

Software upgrade

TotalObserver is always under development.