TotalObserver offers a variety of solutions customized to various industries and processes.

TotalObserver is an integrated solution for the management and commercialization of assets, its maintenance management noth for planning and cost management. Offered through a set of solutions, enables a simple, focused and transparent planning and realization of daily activities. The collected data is used for advanced business analysis and increased profitability represented through a variety of reports.

Document issuing - invoicing

The automation of document issuing reduces errors and increases employee productivity.


The solutions used in maintenance to reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the assets.

Cost Management

TotalObserver allows the planning, registration, advanced classification of costs, setting up the payment process and after all cost analysis.


Each TotalObserver integration begins with the entering of assets.

Customer Service

Communication with the clients about their needs is very important, but can be significantly time consuming.

Integration and connectivity

TotalObserver allows integration and connectivity with other software solutions, aimed at better integration of business processes, greater automation and the elimination of the need to enter data in multiple places.

Access Control

Security and control of access to the building is an important factor in the successful management and security of space.

Document Management

Large amounts of data is created in everyday work. Data stored in electronic records is organized through a document management system.

Mobility and communication

Email is a part everyday life and the use of smart phones and tablets to access the internet allows for a better flow of information and software work outside the office.