Access Control
Reports - Analysis of visit

The information about visits that is stored in the software makes it possible to reduce the crowds, avoid the inconveniences that helps the maintenance of security.

The information about the visit consists of the following groups of information:

  • Visitor information - full name, an identification document, note about the visitor
  • Information about the host - in which the company does the host work, where in the building is the host located and how the host can be contacted by the receptionist,
  • Information about the visit - the beginning and end of the visit, notes about the visit.

Based on information entered, TotalObserver provides reports on:

  • Frequency of arrivals and departures to and from the facility,
  • Distribution of visits by companies in the space,
  • The list of visit for a visitor, with emphasis on comments on problem behavior or particular needs of the visitors,
  • The list of visits for hosts, and so on.
Some of the solutions for access controll


Entering arrivals and departures to and from the facility are an integral part of the successful management of the area whether the guests, employees or maintenance personnel.

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