Cost Management
Analysis and optimization of operating costs

The cost analysis must precede decision-making. These decisions can significantly improve the financial flows of the company.

TotalObserver is so positioned in the business process to, through daily activities of the employees, collect key information about the use of resources, costs, hiring an internal and external people, the allocation of costs to property and many other things.

By using the data and crossing it, we are able to generate reports that can clearly point out the main places where resources are being spent and where there is space for saving: which facilities or equipment is profitable and which is not profitable, where the maintenance is not appropriate and experiences deviatiate from the expected values??: which resources are used appropriately and which not - which member of the team is working at full capacity and who is not engaged in the adequate manner, and many other reports can be generated from TotalObserver.

Solutions for costs management

The establishment of the payment process

The payment of expense invoices is an integral part of doing business and improvement of cash flow monitoring.

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Recharging of costs

The software allows TotalObserver the recharging of costs for utilities, water, electricity, gas and other services to the tenants/occupants.

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Planning, preparation and monitoring of the budget

An integral part of any business operation system is the preparation of the annual budget, which should unite the expected revenues and planned expenditures.

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