Customer Service

Communication with the clients about their needs is very important, but can be significantly time consuming.

TotalObserver users have the possibility1 to provide their clients and subcontractors user accounts through which they can easily and quickly solved their needs. Examples of services that a client can use through their accounts is the following:2:

  • Log and track requests.
  • Exchange documents with the user.
  • Insight into the company account.
  • Interaction with subcontractors regarding assigned work orders.

1 TotalObserver user can decide which of the service to activate to their customers.

2 Not all customer services are available for all industries.

Some of the solutions for customer service

Client requests

The client often feels the need to report a problem, request additional work or a realize a similar need.

Communication with the client/tenant

The formalization of communication with the client through software simplifies tracking, prevents misunderstandings, reduces errors and stress due to heavy workload.

The communication with contractors can be fomalized

The interaction with subcontractors in some organizations a significant part of the work, which is time consuming.