Document Management

Large amounts of data is created in everyday work. Data stored in electronic records is organized through a document management system.

Unlike a system whose sole purpose is document management, the solution integrated in TotalObserver are designed to be used optimally and fit the business of our clients. Examples of this are:

  • If you want to add a document which contains plans for building you will do so on the building itself, on the asset view.
  • If you create photos while repairing, it is natural that you will add them to the work order.
  • If you want to have an electronic version of the contract, scan the document and store it on an entered contract.

Of course there remains an option to add documents into a virtualized file structure, to send a document by email (sent only a public link, not the file), add tags to the file and so enable to quickly search documents and so on.

Some of the solutions for documents management

Documents in the context of the work

The files are located where the most logical place to look for them is.

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Tracking document versions

The versioning can allow tracking changes to the document or return information if someone makes a mistake in his work.

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Describing files on the system

Remembering where the document is located becomes a problem, sooner or later. The solution is the meta information.

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