Integration and connectivity with other softwares

TotalObserver allows integration and connectivity with other software solutions, aimed at better integration of business processes, greater automation and the elimination of the need to enter data in multiple places.

Information exchanged between TotalObserver and other software are usually:

  • Invoices,
  • Payments,
  • Costs and expense invoices,
  • Information on work orders,
  • Material involved,
  • Information about visits to buildings,
  • Information about organization units,
  • Customers, suppliers, and so on.

The most commonly used integration is established with softwares for financial accounting.

TotalObserver to enables the establishment of a connection with solutions for sensing energy consumption (and other units), with the aim of distributing and rechargnig costs. This connection is accomplished through an excel document that is imported into TotalObserver and further processed: meter readings are imported from the document.

TotalObserver also enables connection with advanced solutions for monitoring equipment (Building Management Systems) , where the goal is the automation of alarm subsystems (eg, air conditioning, ventilation, elevators, etc.) and automatic creation of requests and notifications in TotalObserver.

Apart from these, there are developed integrations to softwares for financial accounting, capital assets, various card systems, etc.