Document issuing - invoicing
Recharging of costs

The software allows TotalObserver the recharging of costs for utilities, water, electricity, gas and other services to the tenants/occupants.

The following distribution models are available:

  1. Per square meter of rented space - information about the size of space is stored in the software.
  2. The number of users within the space - information about the number of users is stored in the software.
  3. By percentage of distribution - free-form distribution by percentage key.
All three distribution models are flexible and allow exporting to Excel and updating, and then later import and use. This allows the establishment of communication with other systems, for example. the systems of consumption reading can be connected via BMS.
Some of the solutions for documents issuing

Invoicing automation

TotalObserver enables to automate tasks of billing and follow-up billing.

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Charges based on turnover (turnover fee)

Part of doing business in certain specific market segments also includes the charging of clients based on the client's turnover in a period of time. TotalObserver enables the automation of these activities.

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Invoicing in free form

Charging the clients for services or materials, creating proinvoices and invoices, as well as monitoring the collection is simple in the software solution TotalObserver.

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One software - multiple companies

One license of TotalObserver can be used to manage several companies.

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Multi-currency work

In the multi currency it is possible to use an automated service that takes over the exchange rate of the National Bank, it is also possible to manually enter the exchange rate of commercial banks.

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The monitoring of collection

A critical part of the process of invoicing and overall business process is monitoring the collection.

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