The solutions for property maintenance
Realization of activities - work order

Any engagement of resources in maintenance should be accompanied by a work order. In this way it is possible to monitor the use of resources.

TotalObserver enables the management of resources in maintenance through the use of work orders. The work order provides answers to questions:

  • Which company/service unit performs the work
  • Why is it being performed (regular or emergency maintenance)
  • What is being performed (which works are required to be carried out)
  • Who is doing what (the responsible person, the person who leads and the persons which perform the work)
  • With what are the works performed (materials, tools , vehicles)
  • Where are the works performed (location and a specific object on which the work is performed, eg. climate, chiller, pump... )
  • When shoud the works performed and when are they actually performed

It is possible to manage people, services , material, tools, vehicles, and so on. Each work order has a specific defined flow (workflow) that corresponds to the process of the client for which it has been implemented. Work orders can be created for the company, for which TotalObserver is integrated, but also for contractors in order to accurately monitor utilization of the resources.

Work order conatins data which can later be used for the statistical analysis through reports. An example of this data are work order categories, contractor grades, comments on the realization, photographs and documents related to the realization of the order, and so on.

After closing a work order, various accounting calculations can be performed on the work order itself.

For more complex works, multiple work orders can be grouped within a project.

While the information entered on the work order can be extensive, TotalObserver was developed according to the principle "Enter once, use as needed", so work on the work orders is very comfortable and fast.

Some of the solutions for maintenance

Problem reporting and realization monitoring

TotalObserver enables the monitoring of requests and realization derived from them through the integrated service environment.

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Maintenance calendar

The calendar allows you to schedule and automate the process of maintenance.

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Annual and term plans

In large companies with large property, it is necessary to estimate the amount of resources that need to be engaged in the planned period.

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Checklists are a standard tool for maintenance planning and the establishment of a quality control process of equipment and resources.

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Different ways of creating service requests

Maintenance process can be initiated by creating a service request from four different sources...

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Recording of works/services

Recording the works performed on the work order enables the financial tracking of the engagement and accounting of works.

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The analysis of work activities

The information entered on requests, work orders, projects and other, you can be analyzed through the various reports.

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