Mobility and communication
Access via mobile devices

TotalObserver can be accessed from mobile devices, which still allows for greater comfort in work and greater availability of functions.

Virtually all forms and reports in TotalObserver can be accessed from mobile devices such as the iPad and the like, which contain a standard web browser.

Certain forms that are intended to be filled in the field, can be accessed through mobile phones or dedicated mobile devices that have a web browser installed, which aims to ease of use and greater availability of daily activities.

Some of the solutions for mobility and communication

TotalObserver newsletter

Focusing employees on the work that is assigned to them, reducing the "downtime" and therefore increasing efficiency.

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Communication with the client/tenant

The formalization of communication with the client through software simplifies tracking, prevents misunderstandings, reduces errors and stress due to heavy workload.

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Email and SMS notifications

Information on events of significance are sent via email and/or SMS to interested parties.

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