Why to choose TotalObserver?

We are flexible and we have experience in helping organisations to gain the better performance. We offer the full customization of TotalObserver to meet the needs of users, both stakeholders and management team. Challenge us!

Each property is different, though there are some best practices that should help you in finding the optimal organization and process. For the past 8 years, in the international environment, we have completed a number of different projects meeting the different needs of property owners, management teams and others interested in gaining better performance. The overall experience from past projects is offered to you, through this unique software solution and process of integration. 

TotalObserver is tailored to provide the tools for proactive asset management, facility and property management. It helps people to follow the procedure, to automate the activities and to provide a standardized outcome, as the shareholders at the very begging identify it. Also, it provides the room for identifying spots where you can be better and generate savings.

During the process of integration, we offer the possibility for the solution to be fully customized to the user's needs. This is what makes a great difference: only the software that fully follows the process can create the aditional value.

We offer the software and a service that both create the aditional value! Challenge us!

Airport City Belgrade

Airport City is the first business park in the region which offers its tenants a "city within a city".


The integration of software TotalObserver to the Interfam company has raised the quality of work to another level.

Plaza Centers

Plaza Centers uses TotalObserver for the implementation of the billing and management of technical maintenance of its facilities in Serbia for more then 3 years.