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What is TotalObserver?

TotalObserver is an integrated asset management software, fully adjusted for different market needs with the goal of automation of operations, increase the efficiency, effectiveness and availability of assets and the improvement of analysis. In short, the operational and strategic tool for business growth, reduction of costs and increase of revenue.

TotalObserver is an integrated software because it contains a comprehensive set of features, designed for different needs in terms of asset management in the field of property and facility management.

The solution is fully adapted to the needs of people in different industries:

  • Shopping Mall and Retail
  • Office and public buildings
  • Service providers
  • Property owners and users
  • Residential
  • Hospitals and health care institutions
  • Power production and distribution
  • Others

The main software technical characteristics can be summarized in the following:

  • Designed for small size, medium and large companies.
  • Support for working with assets in geographically dislocated places.
  • Support for working with several companies, owners of the property.
  • Multilingualism.
  • Support for notification via email and SMS.
  • Easily connect with a variety of technical systems or softwares.
TotalObserver is intended to automate and simplify the monitoring of daily activities for employees in jobs related to finance (revenue and expenses of the property), as well as those working in technical maintenance. The software focuses people on their job, helping them plan and implement activities, while the middle and top management is provided with valuable information on the effectiveness and use of resources.
Own it or rent it, it is up to you!

TotalObserver is offered in different flavors, as a predefined package of functionality or either as a fully customized solution.

Also, a solution is offered as a service (SaaS) hosted on our dedicated servers, or can be hosted on the infrastructure owned by the customer. According to this, the customer can decide either to buy the solution, or license it on a monthly/yearly basis (pay-as-you-go model).

Regardless of the business model, the full support is offered.

Software without support is worthless.

TotalObserver comes with a full user level and technical support. It is our responsibility that the software works 24/7. Besides regular training, the following support is available:

  • Email support during working hours
  • Direct phone support
  • Additional training upon request
Use software as a service (SaaS) and take all the advantages of leasing the infrastructure.

TotalObserver company has leased resources in a premium data center where it is possible for our clients, who do not have their own IT infrastructure or don't want to invest in it, to use TotalObserver. We take care of the complete maintenance.